Where else but Hawaii can you experience deep blue ocean, lush tropical landscapes, waterfalls tumbling into natural pools, invigorating nature hikes, stunning sunsets and so much more in just one day?  

Founded in 1999, Maui by Design specializes in unique Hawaiian gifts, including our famous line of handpainted Hawaiian Christmas ornaments

The NĀ KOA line of leather gear came about as a labor of love.  We simply had to turn our passion for the fierce beauty of Polynesian tattoos and their deep roots in the cultures of the Pacific Islands into a product line that does justice to the art.

And we felt ecstatic and humbled when one of our very first customers told us that his NĀ KOA wallet made him feel connected to his Hawaiian roots. 

We offer wallets for men and women featuring Polynesian tattoo art by tattoo artists with deep roots in Polynesian culture and real knowledge of the meanings behind the motifs in their art.

We will soon add more leather goods that you can wear proudly to  show your allegiance to the Polynesian islands - or just your appreciation for their art.

Check out more of the tribal wallets here:

Patch of Shade branded ornaments are also hand painted from the inside like their Hawaiian cousins, and show the most beautiful images and landmarks of the regions. 

Each ornament is hand painted individually by an artist from the inside of the ornament in a centuries old art form that is treasured by collectors.

We offer Florida ornaments, New York ornaments, and San Francisco ornaments.  

We love New York.  We love San Francisco.  We love the tropical beauty of Florida.

We love (probably most of all) polynesia and the hawaiian islands.